“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,”

As the saying goes, and so it is. We give a first impression when we meet someone face to face, but what about when someone is referred? Your business card passed by a referral, your LinkedIn profile, a shared Facebook business page post, and of course, your website are just a few ways to give a first impression. You likely won’t know about it or have any control on when it happens. You can, though, help form that good first impression with a great business head shot photo.

Great business headshots

Capture Your Personality

People will do business with those they know more than they would with a stranger. When a potential client sees your business head shot, they will have decidedly strong impressions of who you are and feel they’ve already met you. It is like how we feel with celebrities- we’ve seen them so we feel a connection and even that we know them.

Show the Current You

Who was President during the last time you had professional business headshots taken? Your photo needs to look like you, in THIS decade. It actually builds your credibility to look like your photo, so let’s get those business headshots updated and have portraits that create a personal connection with your clients.


Make an Impression

Bright backgrounds and engaging facial expressions make all the difference. Try not to think about “doing it right,” and instead just be present. Smile with your whole face, I say! Show your true personality and shine!

I am Chris Gosnell, vibrant photographer in Colorado Springs, CO. I am an unashamed lover of God and people, snuggler of dogs and happy consumer of coffee and can often be found at my local coffeeshop. I’m a bona fide hippie’s daughter and proud of it.

I am not a native born Coloradan, but it’ll be pretty close to impossible to get me to leave now. I just love this place.

I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado and hail from the city of the purple mountains’ majesty. (Colorado Springs, CO) I love to spend time with friends, enjoy a good cup of coffee and laugh hysterically at the movies.

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Go the Extra Mile: Business Video

In our over-saturated marketing society, how does a business stand out of the crowd? Adding video on your business website is one way to stand out. Save time and close the sales cycle faster with videos that educate your clients about who you are, what you do and what makes you different from the rest.

I create eye-catching, attention-grabbing video, professionally produced at a fraction of the cost of large companies. Packages of three videos start at on $750! Contact me to brainstorm and plan your business website videos.

Check out these great examples!

What People Say

Chris is an amazing photographer and person for that matter. She goes above and beyond, and will give you the best experience and photographs! I highly recommend her!
Cook Veterinary Hospital
Business Client
Chris is an excellent Photographer! She makes you feel very comfortable, and the turn around time far exceeded my expectations!
Waled Aluffi
Photography Client
I hired Chris to take some professional head shots for both myself and my husband. She was very professional and fun to work with, and even able to help us get some creative images in the shoot.
Hannah Ditto
Business Owner, Design Break Studios


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